Tools for School and Small Business Re-Opening

SafeBase is an active remote management and response platform with associated Android and iOS applications providing you with a complete solution to managing modern day risks.

COVID Transition & Re-Opening...

Your total solution to managing risk in one-place...

SafeBase is a dedicated, encrypted communication ecosystem over https specific for your school community or business.

It provides a self-monitored platform ideal for for multi-role supervisors and managers.

Associated Android and iOS applications.

Flexible features that help manage faculty and staff work situations in remote to hybrid to in-person transitions.

Help, check-in, clock-in/out, track, feel un-well, on/off site and encrypted message features.

Pocket Repository for school specific mitigations (at-a-glance reference, checklists, resource lists).

Free 15-day trial period, month-to-month subscription, cancel when transition is complete.

Back to School with Eden SafeBase

Why Global Oversight?

Global Oversight is a technical solutions company offering software applications and bespoke learning. Our products are in use in a variety of applications across the globe.

Global Oversight was formed by leading industry professionals and subject matter experts collaborating with one common goal: to create a total risk management tool available to any organization across the globe providing them total self-sufficiency.

We design our innovative products to dramatically improve responses to critical situations through enabled, nimble and light touch applications.

Global Oversight securely, reliably, and scalably uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers.


"We've deployed Safebase as tool a to ensure that all staff “check-in” the morning, despite working from home. Safebase has helped us improve staff accountability during working hours."

Olivier G.

"Overall, I find Safebase to be a cost effective tool for managing clients and staff remotely and operating my business in difficult conditions and environments."

Ricky Q.

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